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Talking Apes Podcast Returns for Season 2

Let’s Talk About Apes, and the King Kong Sized Issues That Surround Them. 

Last month a fascinating new paper examining the evolution of human language was published. A comprehensive study of multiple primate species concluded that all except humans possess an extra set of muscles above the vocal cords known as vocal membranes. 

The researchers, based at Kyoto University, propose that the absence of this anatomical feature has played a crucial role in the development of human speech. While our hairier relatives can hoot, howl, grunt, and chatter, the stability and pitch-control offered by our more simplified laryngeal anatomy is what ostensibly gives rise to our unique and distinguishing ability to talk. 

So, let’s talk, because now more than ever is a crucial time for us all to engage in an ever evolving discourse about the issues surrounding non-human primates and their wild homes. And who better to talk to than the remarkable people on the frontlines of conservation, exploring dynamic ways to sustainably and equitably save our wild cousins, their habitats, and the ecosystems that we all depend on for survival?

After an incredibly successful Season 1, we are thrilled to announce that Season 2 of Talking Apes launches on 20th September 2022.

We’re going to be bringing you an array of extraordinary guests including conservationists, researchers, campaigners, activists, filmmakers,  and photographers –  voices from all backgrounds using their skills, knowledge, art, and determination to address the multitude of threats faced by our closest living relatives. And in honor of World Gorilla Day, we’ll be kicking off the season with a special return guest who is a world renowned conservationist and gorilla ambassador – Ian Redmond OBE.

We’re also very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website:

Yes, the podcast finally has its own dedicated website, where you can listen to all episodes, search for podcasts by category, read background info on our amazing speakers, and even get a sneak-peek at upcoming guests and the dates their episodes will launch. 

We’ve also got a new Instagram page, @talkingapes_podcast, AND we’ve created a community group on Facebook where our team, guests, and listeners can all come together to talk about the show or just make friends! To find us, search Talking Apes Podcast on Facebook.

We’ve created these pages because this season we really want to engage more with our listeners and cultivate a community surrounding the podcast. We’ve already received so many wonderful, uplifting comments from those of you following the accounts and we want you to know that we really appreciate it. We’ll be reading out your comments, reviews, questions, and suggestions on future episodes from now on – so please keep them coming! 

We’re the only species of ape that can talk, so let’s come together and talk. By developing a deeper understanding and sense of empathy for our closest living relatives, we may begin to change worldwide mindsets, behaviors, policies, and eventually the overall trajectory regarding our wild cousins’ fragile future – and ours. 

Let’s talk, apes. 

Demelza Bond – Assistant Producer

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