Red Ape face logo for Talking Apes

Talking Apes Podcast Has a New Logo!

Will You Help Us Name Our Little Orangutan Friend?

Talking Apes Logo

The team here at GLOBIO are probably a little more excited than we should be about our shiny new logo for Talking Apes. But, as the podcast and its listenership continues to grow bigger than we could have ever imagined, we really feel it’s become more than deserving of its own visual look, distinct from our other main initiative, Apes Like Us. 

So here it is! And we couldn’t be happier. But something’s missing – our sweet little square-headed orangutan buddy needs a name. 

We love our listeners as much as we love our hairy ape cousins, so we’re entrusting you guys with the task. Submit your suggestions in the comments below, or message/comment on one of our social media accounts and we’ll announce our favorite on the next podcast. We’ll also send you a digital thank-you letter and set of official GLOBIO ape photos.

Can’t think of a name? Give us a shout anyway and tell us what you think. Can you see this little guy on a t-shirt or mug? 

Red Ape face logo for Talking Apes

Thanks again to our graphic designer, Fellene Gaylord, for your hard work and patience in getting this to look just how we wanted!

Talking Apes is a project by nonprofit an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the threats faced by non-human primates, their habitats, and the ecosystems we all depend on for survival. 

Our other project is Apes Like Us, a photo-journal and YouTube channel that celebrates apes and showcases the work of the extraordinary organizations and individuals around the world working tirelessly to protect them. 

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