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Primate volunteering with Maegan Leavendusky and Demelza Bond – December 6

International Volunteer Day Special – GLOBIO staff share their insights on volunteering with primates and give advice to aspiring conservationists on how to find the right volunteering opportunities, be a pro-active volunteer, and avoid pitfalls. 

Maegan Leavendusky, GLOBIO’s researcher, lives in Kansas with her family. Although she has always possessed a passion for non-human primates, she spent over twenty years working as a registered nurse. In 2019, she went back to school and consequently graduated from Washburn University with her Bachelor’s in Anthropology. Currently, she is in graduate school at Miami University with Project Dragonfly. Maegan has traveled to Belize and Borneo studying non-human primates as well as community-based conservation practices. 

Demelza Bond is Assistant Producer at Talking Apes. She has over a decade of experience working with and advocating on behalf of primates as a researcher, fundraiser, writer, and caregiver. She lives in Spain where she was recently caring for rescued chimps. Demelza is also the Media and Communications Manager at Apes Like Us.


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