Man in forest with chimp

30 Years Living with Chimps, with John Mitani | S3E55

‘We have to think a little more expansively, a little more broadly, a little more creatively and imaginatively if we are going to be able to continue sharing this planet with apes.’

male primatologist in the forest with chimps

John Mitani is a prominent primate behavioral ecologist known for his extensive research on the behavior, ecology, and social structures of primates, particularly chimpanzees. He has conducted long-term field studies in Uganda and has contributed significantly to our understanding of primate social behavior, including cooperation, aggression, and communication among chimpanzees.

Click here to read about The Ngogo Chimpanzee Project 

Click here to read John and his team’s paper on the efficacy of removing snares

Click here to read paper, ‘Future coexistence with great apes will require major changes to policy and practice.’ 

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