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Teasing Tactics: Ape Play and Pranks with Dr Isabelle Laumer | S3E54

Header image: ©GEllis/GLOBIO at Ape Action Africa 

Playful teasing video, credits: Laumer I. B. et al., 2024, Proceedings of the Royal Society B

a baby chimp laughing on the forest floor

All great ape species are known to engage in playful teasing behaviour. Photo ©GEllis/GLOBIO

Click here to read Guardian Article: Juvenile Great Apes Love to Tease and Annoy their Elders

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Isabelle Laumer is a researcher and expert in animal behavior and cognition, with a particular focus on primates. She has conducted significant research on social interactions and communication among primates, contributing to our understanding of their complex behaviors and cognitive abilities.

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