man stands in the forest with a young chimp behind him

Behind the Mic of Talking Apes with Host Gerry Ellis | S2E30

Note: This photo was taken prior to the recent covid pandemic, when masks were not mandatory in close proximity to apes. Both rehabilitation staff and tourists visiting ape sanctuaries or territory should wear a mask at all times and maintain distance to prevent the spread of further zoonotic and anthroponotic infections.

  • It was fascinating to hear the progression not only of Gerry’s career but his growth as a person who exhibits such a passion for conservation and sharing that passion with others. These podcasts and social media create awareness that we are in the midst of a 6th mass extinction event and if things don’t drastically change, the Earth will be regenerating without one of the 5 great primates. (On another note, it would be very interesting to see the fledgling photos taken when Gerry was in school and studying marine biology.)

    • Happy New year Cindy!

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it and were able to gain some insights into the thought processes behind the podcast.

      Great idea – I’ll be sure to hound Gerry for some of these photos to post on our social media or a blog.

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      -Demelza (Assistant Producer)