The Mystery of the Leopard-Eating Bili-Apes with Cleve Hicks & Toni Romani | S3E48

Dr Hicks and colleagues examine ground-nests in the rainforest. 

Toni Romani tests out the chimp nests! GET DOWN YOUNG MAN!

One of the honey-pounding tools Cleve and his team found in Ngotto. You wouldn’t like to see that heading towards your house if you were a bee!

Cleve lies next to a variation of chimp tools. Note the incredible diversity in size. They were right after all…chimps are pretty darn smart!

Sorry if this disappoints you but it wasn’t bigfoot after all. Here they are, the equally fascinating Bili-Gangu Chimpanzees. Photo: Cleve Hicks.

PRIMATOLOGISTS AT WORK: Cleve and Toni (clearly in their element) out in the field.

Chimp ground nests decay faster than tree nests which has implications for monitoring and conservation. Read more here.