Talking Apes Podcast Dives Back into the Extraordinary World of Chimp Empire’s Ngogo Forest

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as Talking Apes gears up to celebrate the fifth World Chimpanzee Day on July 14th. To mark this special occasion, we are thrilled to announce the release of a four-part podcast series, The Making of Chimp Empire. Get ready to re-immerse yourself in the captivating world of Ngogo and its remarkable chimpanzee inhabitants.


The Making of Chimp Empire series will be released as a collection, all on World Chimpanzee Day itself. Each episode will take you behind the scenes of the ground-breaking Netflix documentary series, and provide exclusive insights into its creation. We are honored to bring you in-depth interviews with the exceptional individuals behind this incredible production.

Join us as we delve into the minds of those who have shaped Chimp Empire into an unparalleled experience:


🎥 Director, James Reed: James’s visionary direction and storytelling expertise have brought Ngogo’s chimpanzee community to life, capturing their unique behaviors and social dynamics like never before.


📷 Director of Photography, Ben Sadd: Ben’s awe-inspiring cinematography has beautifully translated the magic of Ngogo onto the screen, immersing viewers in the daily lives of our chimpanzee cousins and showcasing the stunning natural surroundings.


🔬 Scientific Consultant, John Mitani: Renowned primatologist John Mitani’s extensive knowledge and research have ensured that Chimp Empire presents accurate scientific insights into chimpanzee behavior, giving us a deeper understanding of our closest relatives.


📹 Field Guide and Camera Operator, Diana Kanweri: Diana’s unparalleled expertise in the field has allowed her to capture the most intimate and rare moments of Ngogo’s chimps, bringing us closer to their world with her remarkable camera work.


These esteemed guests have contributed immensely to Chimp Empire, a series that has enthralled audiences worldwide with its immersive storytelling and breath-taking visuals. Through their collective efforts, we have come to know and love the chimp characters that inhabit Ngogo and been captivated by their individual stories and the fascinating dynamics of their society.


To experience The Making of Chimp Empire and revisit the world of Ngogo, tune in to Talking Apes on World Chimpanzee Day, July 14th. You can stream the podcasts directly from our website,, or find them on most popular streaming platforms. Simply search for Talking Apes, and embark on a listening adventure that will leave you in awe of both the chimps and the dedicated individuals who have brought their world to your screens.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the extraordinary world of Ngogo and celebrate the fifth World Chimpanzee Day with Talking Apes! Join us as we uncover the untold stories and secrets in The Making of Chimp Empire!


Demelza Bond – Media & Communications Manager, GLOBIO/Assistant Producer, Talking Apes

    • We’re so happy to hear that! We can’t wait to release the episodes. We’ve had a fantastic time recording them with the incredible crew! 🙂

  • James Reed. First you made me stop eating octopus, and now I’m wearing a RIP Pork Pie tee. We go to facts after story, not so much vise versa, and that’s why art and fiction is so important.