The Making of Chimp Empire

 The Making of Chimp Empire is our special four-part behind-the-scenes series uncovering stories and secrets from this groundbreaking Netflix docuseries that enthralled audiences worldwide! 

Celebrating World Chimpanzee Day 2023, we bring you exclusive interviews with the minds of those who have shaped Chimp Empire into an unparalleled viewing experience. 

Join us as we adventure back to the untamed wilderness of Ngogo through our conversations with four esteemed guests:

🎥 Director, James Reed: James’s visionary direction and storytelling expertise have brought Ngogo’s chimpanzee community to life, capturing their unique behaviors and social dynamics like never before.

📷 Director of Photography, Ben Sadd: Ben’s awe-inspiring cinematography has beautifully translated the magic of Ngogo onto the screen, immersing viewers in the daily lives of our chimpanzee cousins and showcasing the stunning natural surroundings.

🔬 Scientific Consultant, John Mitani: Renowned primatologist John Mitani’s extensive knowledge and research have ensured that Chimp Empire presents accurate scientific insights into chimpanzee behavior, giving us a deeper understanding of our closest relatives.

📹 Field Guide and Camera Operator, Diana Kanweri: Diana’s unparalleled expertise in the field has allowed her to capture the most intimate and rare moments of Ngogo’s chimps, bringing us closer to their world with her remarkable camera work.


All rights and photos: ©Netflix Media