What Does it Mean to be a Human Ape? With Dr Briana Pobiner | S3E47

Briana presenting the Smithsonian Science How? webcast on paleoanthropology

Reconstructions of early humans from The Smithsonian. Which one of these cuties would you swipe right for on a dating app?

(Source: humanorigins.si.edu/exhibit/reconstructions-early-humans)

Briana and her paleoanthropologist peers have a number of ways to learn about what and how our prehistoric ancestors ate. 

Briana looks at butchery marks on fossilised animal bones to find clues about early hominid diets and lives. This zebra bone from Ethiopia shows marks that scientists believe were made by early-human’s stone tools.

(Photo: The Smithsonian)

Has this common depiction of human-evolution ever caught you, or someone you know, out? Many of us get caught up in the misconception that there is a single lineage and that we evolved from chimps! Click on the link below to find out what the human-evolutionary tree really looks like:

Click here to explore the human family tree!