About Talking Apes

While our hairier relatives can hoot, howl, grunt, and chatter, it’s only apes like us that utter a string of syllables into words, thoughts into sentences, and concepts into conversations. Only we are the Talking Apes and this is the first podcast exploring the world of us and our closest animal cousins; the ties that bind us, and our shared dependence on the only home we all will ever know.

Talking Apes Host Gerry Ellis and Assistant Producer Demelza Bond working on the podcast.

Our host Gerry Ellis, is a curious ape that has never stopped asking why, and what can that do, and how do we do that? His over three decades of filming and studying apes and primates is just the starting point for conversations about conservation, strange diseases, our unique anatomies and these magical brains that make all great apes endlessly curious.

With thousands of listeners globally, we strive to share conservation and science stories that matter. Our mission is to create awareness and understanding about the issues surrounding apes and the ecosystems we all depend on for survival. If you have a story that the world needs to know about, please fill out the form on our contact page.

The Talking Apes Podcast is a sister project to our Apes Like Us YouTube channel. Both are initiatives by our parent nonprofit GLOBIO to spread critical awareness and understanding about the issues facing apes and primates.

Meet the Team

Gerry Ellis

Man wearing headphones in front of a computerGerry Ellis is co-creator and host of Talking Apes. Through his three decades of travels around the planet to document apes, he has met with many of the extraordinary people working to ensure apes survive — many of those becoming a guest on Talking Apes. Gerry is also the creator and cameraman behind our sister project Apes Like Us on YouTube.

Demelza Bond

Young woman with long brown hair and sly smileDemelza Bond is Assistant Producer at Talking Apes Podcast. She has over a decade of experience advocating on behalf of non-human primates as a researcher, writer, fundraiser and caregiver. She has lived in Spain since 2018 where she was working with rescued chimps before joining the team at GLOBIO. Demelza is also the Media and Communications Manager at Apes Like Us