Mobile Apps for the Holiday Season

With the Epicurious app (available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone), you can open up a specific recipe and get the recipe, details on servings and prep time, a photo of the finished product, and reviews from people who’ve made the dish themselves. This is of great help to those who aren’t pros in the kitchen. The app also allows you to add recipes to your shopping list, itemizing the ingredients by grocery aisle so that you don’t forget anything when you hit up the grocery store. The app also gives you the option of checking items from the list once you get them.

Then there is Panna By How 2 Media, Inc. which is the first-ever video cooking magazine for the iPad and iPad mini. This video app is built for the home cook who follows written recipes, but still wonders how the chef would advise him/her at every step. Panna brings the master chef into your kitchen, offering recipes that are not only easy to execute, but hand-picked by world-renowned chefs. As they chop, talk, steam and sauté, the chefs demonstrate step-by-step cooking technique and impart cooking tips in an engaging, approachable style.

Now that you’re done cooking, there’s a huge spread of the most delectable (and fattening) foods on the kitchen table. The Weight Watchers 360 app allows you to keep track of your calorie intake so that you don’t overdose on lovely holiday food. This mobile app for iPhone and Android is designed to be your constant meal companion. Not only does it track food but it also focuses on your environment.

When it comes to Christmas shopping and gifts it’s never too late to get your loved ones a meaningful token of your affection. The Pickie app analyzes your friends’ social network data to help you find the most thoughtful, personalized gifts. Built for the iPad, Pickie creates a personalized shopping magazine out of the products your friends and the people you follow are sharing. You simply tell Pickie what brands and categories you like, and they do all the work to scour the web for the most talked about products. Everything featured in Pickie is a buyable product, and you can use the ‘heart’ button to save things to buy later. The app creates a single place to see what’s trending, discover new products and shop. Your Pickie experience is personalized based on your unique tastes and preferences, so that no two Pickies are alike.

Decide Shopping & Price Predictor by Decide, Inc. For iPhone and iPad ensures that you always know what to buy, when to buy it and the best prices on your purchases of electronics, appliances, home & garden and sporting goods. Decide Shopping & Price Predictor App is your Unbiased Shopping Advisor, helping Decide members save money, time and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Foldify is a unique iPad app from a Polish developer called Pixle and it helps you turn a flat piece of paper into a 3D paper toy in a remarkably simple, and beautifully presented, way. All you do is choose your favorite design then print and fold them from paper. Perfect for packaging gifts in a fun way for kids and kids at heart as well.

Of course, if you still haven’t gotten anything for your family and friends for the holiday you can also gift them an app directly from the App Store. Just go to the iTunes app Store and follow the directions on there. You can also send them an iTunes Gift Card by scrolling down to the bottom of the iTunes App Store Featured page and then tapping ‘Send Gift’. Voila!

When it comes to holidays, whether you’re preparing and sharing a meal with your loved ones or exchanging gifts, there’s a mobile app that can make your experience much more joyful.

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