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Push-To-Talk Apps That Convert Smart Phones Into Walky Talky

Most of the smart phones launched these days include a wide range of apps and one of the most interesting apps is the Voxer walky talky apps. Although it is a vague reminiscent of Nextel, it offers more value than the Nextel feature. It is even simpler to use the Voxer apps and therefore it has become quite popular among most of the smart phone users.

It is quiet easy to use Voxer as it can be downloaded from any of the apps stores such as android or iPhone stores. To start, log in with the Facebook or create a new identity. Connect it to the address book of the phone and start chatting with your friends. Hold the talk button so as to record a message for another friend. Group talks and conversations can be made easily with this modern app. Text messages can also be sent within the flow of conversation.

The user interface of Voxer is quite simple which explains the reason for its widespread usage. It is quite easy to find the talk button in the Voxer apps which is another added advantage of using this mobile app. Most of the other apps include complex applications which make it difficult to locate the talk button.

However, there are two privacy problems which are related to the set-up of the app. Before completing the set up process, the app requires the phone number of the user. However, the Facebook information can be used to solve this issue. The next issue that arises before the completion of the set up task is that the app requires the complete phone list or contact list. Nevertheless, the user can choose ‘privacy mode’ before completing the set-up process.

talkingapesOnce the set up process is over, many active conversations pop-up on the phone display screen. An automatic notification is sent by every friend chosen for the conversation. It is easy to skip through the messages and fast forward the messages if it is too long. Apart from these features, geotag photos and texts, live stream messages and so forth are some of the other attractive features of this app.

Smartphone with walky talky apps is worth the price as it includes an offline message option. If the signal is lost while voice recording process, the message is sent automatically by the system once the signal is regained.

Push to Talk Apps:

The iPTT is among the most commonly used push to talk apps provided by the app stores. It offers various communicating options such as the whisper which includes conversation between a group, one-to-many group communications and straight conversation with a friend.

The TiKL walky talky app is another excellent push to talk app which requires a data plan and a phone list. This app supports push to talk calls and group messaging.

HeyTell and Zello are other two types of apps which support push to call options. HeyTell is quite similar to Voxer but it can be customized easily.

Some things have universal appeal. It’s hard to find someone who dislikes the taste of pizza, for example. Along the same lines, it’s pretty easy to get someone to laugh at a cartoon cat that mimics, in a ridiculous voice, whatever you say. This is probably why Talking Tom Cat has hovered in the Top 100 Free Apps list in the iTunes App Store for so long.

This app is best used with the iPhone 4, but the basics of game play are simple — it’s basically just to amuse yourself and your friends. Tom is a goofy, lanky, anthropomorphic talking cat who stands in the center of the screen, awaiting your input. If you speak to Tom, he will repeat what you say in a funny voice. You can pat his head and he will purr like a real cat, or you can poke at him to get on his nerves– again, like a real cat. Grab Tom’s tail to annoy him, or give him a glass of milk and he will gladly drink it. You get the idea.

The controls for the Talking Tom Cat app are simple. There are a few buttons at the periphery of the screen, and these will help you adjust the settings, but most of the time it is just you and the cat. This type of game lends itself well to a device with a touch screen and really stands out as on the iPhone. Unlike outdated digital pets of the past, you can really touch Tom to interact with him. You pet him the same way you would pet a real animal, and it’s one of the things that makes this app a delight.

Apart from all of these cyber-pet antics, Talking Tom Cat is also great for generating short video clips you can share with your friends through YouTube, Facebook, or e-mail. Since Tom will repeat whatever you say, it’s a great way to create fun birthday e-cards or personalized messages. While Talking Tom Cat is a free download, some of the features have to be unlocked through a $0.99, one time in-app upgrade. It’s not too much to ask.

The only real drawback to the app comes from its limited compatibility. The 3D animation will render slowly on a first generation iPhone, which is to be expected. However, the animations are a little sluggish on the iPhone 3G, compared to the iPhone 3GS. Any iPhone that runs iOS 4 instead of 3.xx will also be a little slow, but by no means unusable. Finally, iPod Touch owners should make sure they have headphones or earbuds that come with a built-in microphone, since the iTouch does not come equipped with a hardware microphone the way the iPhone does.

Talking Tom Cat is certainly a novelty for anyone, but older users will probably get over that novelty quickly. There are only so many tricks up Tom’s sleeve. Children, however, will likely laugh at Tom for hours. Talking Tom Cat is very kid-friendly: it is amusing, non-violent, non-competitive, and of course nice and affordable. If you need to keep your kids docile and distracted for long car trips, but you want to avoid games that could cause arguments between your kids, you might consider adding Talking Tom Cat to your arsenal.