Most of the smart phones launched these days include a wide range of apps and one of the most interesting apps is the Voxer walky talky apps. Although it is a vague reminiscent of Nextel, it offers more value than the Nextel feature. It is even simpler to use the Voxer apps and therefore it has become quite popular among most of the smart phone users.

The controls for the Talking Tom Cat app are simple. There are a few buttons at the periphery of the screen, and these will help you adjust the settings, but most of the time it is just you and the cat. This type of game lends itself well to a device with a touch screen and really stands out as on the iPhone. Unlike outdated digital pets of the past, you can really touch Tom to interact with him. You pet him the same way you would pet a real animal, and it’s one of the things that makes this app a delight.